Elements Required For a
Sustainable Future

Sustainable future largely depends on sustainable development, a plan for using resources to achieve development without over-straining the resources needed for future generations. Sustainable development is a process that envisions future needs of a generation and strives to meet living conditions that ensures Sustainable future. For that, essential elements must be established to safeguard use of resources and to sustain continued human needs.

Sustainability must take into consideration the practice of maintaining resources, both natural and human made, without endangering or degrading natural biological systems. Human needs resources for continuity in life, without which sustainable future cannot be realized. To achieve sustainable future, it is important for human to establish sustainable development through establishment of essential elements that strengthens ecological foundations. Such elements include;


To achieve sustainable future, provision of energy for the current and future generation is essential. Human needs energy for both domestic and commercial use. Therefore, it is important for every country to establish proper energy infrastructures to ensure social equity.  There is need for human to shift from being over reliant to fossil fuel and invest more in renewable energy for sustainable future. USA, for example, has made significant gains by shutting down major fossil fuel power plants and energy projects and focusing more on renewable energy.


Sustainable agriculture is an important requirement for sustainable future. Human must strive to continually use farming methods that are environmental-friendly without causing damage to human or natural systems. This can be sustained through use of agricultural and farming methods that promote biodiversity and preserve water, soil, forests, wildlife, ecosystems and other resources. Sustainable farming methods including agroforestry, crop rotation, permaculture, multiple cropping, multi farming and many others, must be improved from generation to generation.


Of the most important elements required for sustainable future; the relationship between humans and built environments, stand out significantly. Fundamental human needs which complement life such as availability and quality of water, air, food and shelter define the ecological requirements for sustainable development and therefore play a crucial role in sustainable future. Investing in ecosystem services that promote public health, for example, can lead to improved health needs for all species.


Education gives human an opportunity to acquire positive attitude, skills, knowledge and values which are key elements for sustainable future. Knowledge and skills in biodiversity, climate change, poverty reduction, disaster reduction and management etc. can greatly influence sustainable future. Moreover, education about sustainability promotes critical thinking, decision making among other competencies that are important in sustainable future.


And sustainable future cannot exist without a suitable environment. Human must ensure environmental sustainability by addressing concerns that affect environment; pollution, climate change, industrialization, carbonation, deforestation etc. Society should utilize environment to meet its needs while preserving environment and its life-support systems. Using water sustainably, recycling material, utilizing renewable energy etc. are some of the important environmental activities that human can undertake to ensure sustainable future.

We have to be the change we want to see, so if we take individual responsibility of our actions and try our best to contribute to a better and sustainable environment, then surely things will become much better in the time to come. Our next generations will follow our example and thus help in creating a brighter future. Every individual can contribute and bring about a serious change in the situation of the planet & people. Too much greed in all people leads to destruction and exploitation of earth’s limited resources creating an unsustainable situation overall. Thus if we desire a positive global outlook then we have to take our little steps to contributing in any way we can for a better planet.