An Entrepreneur with a Heart of Gold

While most of us judge people on material gains, there is no dearth of men who have spent and sacrificed their major part of lives and a large portion of fortunes in the betterment of society. We know of many businessmen who have time and again volunteered to serve mankind with their selfless and unmatched compassion for various social causes. Iconic Mr.Joseph is one of those near-perfect human beings, who always gave a free hand to needy by showing his profound interest in various causes those are hurdles in human development and equality of opportunity. He is known for his spiritual discipline and his deep experience in the martial arts.

you are a leader

Visionary Entrepreneur Mr. Bismark, most commonly famous as founding director of Qnet, is one of the most loved businessmen of this era, who is also widely regarded for his philanthropic works. He is often called as one of the most innovative thought leaders in all the industries he ventured into. This surely can be the acumen of the man who has been successful in all his endeavors with a grit to rise after failure. Whatever, one or two instances of mini-failures surfaced in his colossal career, become a case study and inspirations for many.

RYTHM is Another Ray of Hope

RYTHM is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the QI Group. For many years, RYTHM has actively participated in the causes of environmental significance, Children with Special Needs, Community Development and Community Wellbeing. Is A profound Foundation Which Supports Community-Driven Development And Empowerment Guided By The Principles of RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind).

The degree of social responsibility that RYTHM has burden onto itself, show Mr. Bismark’s and their partner’s empathy for mankind. It wouldn’t be factually incorrect to say, that RYTHM has defied all manmade boundaries, as they have reached out to interiors Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Others in recent years with various educational and rehabilitation programs.


When the flow of business and development started concentrating, Mr. Bismark’s futurist mind was sharp enough to locate business areas, which have greater potential to grow in the low end business era. Mr. Joseph Bismark is among the pioneers of the 21st century in the health and wellness segment. But, let’s also not demean his contribution in other sectors under the shadow of his foresightedness in health management. He always advocates for a healthy lifestyle.


His Successful Business Initiatives

With a glimpse of growth indicators in various business fields, it won’t be very difficult to understand why Mr. Joseph Bismark is keen to invest his fortune in them.

Direct Selling and E-Commerce: QI group promotes direct selling practice and Smart equipment (both mobile phones and retail inventories) and smart people (or call them smart customers) which may bonded well with each other. Therefore, retail business today has reached a pinnacle and achieved a massive global reach, where no one ever had thought it will be. QNET direct selling and E-Commerce is doing exceptionally well on all grounds with a strong online retail model.

Training and Education: The education arm of QNET i.e. The V was co founded by Joseph Bismark. With an excellent exposure to the current needs of education, the QNET team and directors have laid out better education plans to make the young generation catch the contemporary wave.  This will result into a better and intelligent society at large.

rise by lifting others

One would surely admire Joseph Bismark’s intelligence and vision in the expansion of QNET but at the same time, one will fill with warm-heartedness by learning of his ventures into a philanthropic foundation.

Philanthropy and Joseph Bismark go a Long Way Hand in Hand

Many people come and go, but only a few like Joseph Bismark are born with a heart that feels pain and agony of poor and underprivileged. His voluntary works don’t require any grand introduction. The RHYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind) is a living example of this noble soul’s kindness for fellow citizens who are troubled and less fortunate. The foundation has been piloting many initiatives in various fields. Programs for Children with special needs, Community Development, Community Wellbeing are conducted for the betterment and welfare of the needy. RYTHM has been taking special care of since its formation. People like him have seen life from rags-to-riches and therefore relate to all these issues which are always a deterrent for human progress. With his wholehearted commitment to uplift backward communities of society, Joseph will surely be remembered forever.

success is no accident

The Man Who Grew With Time

Life was not all bed of roses for Joseph Bismark. He is not the one, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He born into a family which has the common tale of hand to mouth survival attached to it. In a big family like his, no wonder, people could only manage basic necessities of the life and few very moderate luxuries. So, it’s pretty clear that whatever fortune Mr. Joseph Bismark today enjoys has been amassed by him in his lifetime. His precision, hard work and uncanny smartness have helped him to excel in a competitive business culture and raise a multi-dimensional business.

He sowed seeds of QI group with his colleague from his immense zeal to make something new. He kept his cards close to his chest in initial years of his business’s operation. He has a very rare quality of identifying exceptional talents and put them to best use for his company’s development.

In the later part, on the event of restructuring of the company operations, he was able to accomplish the managing director of the company. This incident came as a jolt in the life of both; Joseph Bismark and his startup. But, the the Warrior in Mr. Bismark didn’t lose faith in his abilities. He improved upon his technical know-how of his business with the help of one of his cousins, and soon he was able to maintain few clients. This time, he was more cautious and kept many areas of management and operations under his jurisdiction.

On a personal front, he is a very cordial and full of life character. He never allows his professional endeavors to neglect his personal life. He was always a family man and always takes out time for family events and functions. Many of his competitors wonder at times, as to how Joseph Bismark is so good at maintaining a balanced professional and social life.

The gist of his learning and teachings is a treasure for any wannabe entrepreneur. Throughout his life, the mantras he followed are written below, traces of which can be also be found in his life.

dare to dream

Love & Respect for his partners: According to Joseph Bismark, a successful leader needs to love his partners and employees, no matter what is happening with his business. As he commonly says, “If you have a good team, you can go into roaring sea without any second thought.” He always wanted his employees, his team, to be a happy bunch of guys, who actually don’t feel like working at all. For him, work should be like an activity, which everyone enjoys.

A leader leads from the front: Joseph Bismark always believed, “A true leader always leads from the front.” He was a very realistic guy and always tried to push his team forward by setting examples. As Margaret Thatcher rightly said, “Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.” Joseph Bismark always inspired his team by being a leader of the herd. He was not the one, who follows foot trails, he imprints it for others.

lies behind you

Adding value to other’s lives: A true philanthropic to the core, Joseph Bismark always believed adding value to other’s lives. He was a great admirer of John Maxwell’s proverb, “To add value to others, one must first value others.” Due to his faith in this theory, his business never saw any controversy like some of his competitors have faced. The products he brought to market always adhered to best practices and ensured the finest quality for consumption.

He is as hard working as a machine: Mr. Joseph Bismark is very good at striking a balance between his professional and personal life, but once he is at work, there isn’t anyone else on the floor as much hard working as he is. Cardinal J. Gibbons said, “There are no office hours for leaders.” and this seems to be the most cherished one liner for him. When he is at work and a project is at hand, nothing can move him. Sometimes his colleagues complain about this attitude, and then they also realize, how passionate he is.

progress outside comfort zone

A very critical listener: Many times it happens that we have a solution right in front of us, but we ignore to listen to it. But, leaders are a different breed altogether, they unlike any other person, are very good listeners. Truly, if we listen properly, we can get solutions from around us or from people in our surrounding. Haven’t Ernest Hemingway wrote it more appropriately in his idea, “When people talk, listen completely.” Joseph Bismark is an ardent listener, who is capable of picking pin-drop noise. He would listen to everything and everyone. After all, it’s a capacity very few have.

Joseph Bismark’s life may be a roller coaster for many, but few also say, he is master of his destiny. Entrepreneurship, to him, is not the virtue of his luck only; rather his hard work, dedication, innovative thoughts, and will to succeed.