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What is the True Cost of War?

There is something very odd happening in the world everyday. Instead of heading towards tolerance and peace, some prefer to use violence, crimes, and even start a war, to get what they want. Throughout history, we hear about wars that earned our independence as a nation, about wars that gave us freedom, and so on. Many stories raise a war and the sacrifice of people to the level of necessity, using words like bravery, self-sacrifice, and courage to mask the atrocities and sufferance that lies behind all wars. These stories also mention heroes, to take our attention on the things that really count when it comes to a war, and that is the real cost. Continue reading What is the True Cost of War?

Longing For Home

Everyone is looking for a home. Everyone wants somewhere to go that when they arrive at the front door they feel they are welcome. It may be the swinging flap of a Bedouin tent or the gilded marble walkway to the door of a Beverley Hills mansion. It makes no difference to the dweller. As they step up to the threshold of the place where they live they know they are home.


At the end of 2014 there were 19.5 million refugees worldwide. The people who have been recently forcibly displaced due to conflict or persecution in the world is 13.9 million.  (a)  So, we have all these people who are all moving enmasse across the globe, all moving towards what they believe will be a better place than the one they have come from. And who can blame them? The experiences of war are something no-one in a lifetime should ever have to endure.

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